Secretpixels en StampReady teamed up and created multiple email template sets including the popular Newsly theme. StampReady is an online service that provides you the tools to create and send newsletters simplified.

personal project

Ultimate newsletter bundle

Secretpixels and StampReady launched a newsletter bundle containing 15 email templates and a $50 StampReady store giftcard with a 95% discount. All the 15 templates for the price of one. See the whole bundle here .

Template combinations

The StampReady all-in-one template sets comes with over 100 individual modules that allow you to easily create your own unique emails for more effectively marketing to your target audience.

Promotion video

Secretpixels was responsible for shooting the StampReady promotional video. The video explains the new, simplified progress. We shot the video in our favorite Amsterdam based cafe Stadscafe van Mechelen .

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