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About Hugo

Hi! I'm Hugo, a 24 year-old user interface designer based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I am an ambitious individual who has been working in this industry for nearly 8 years. I am extremely passionate about my work and am continuously learning, developing and designing interfaces. The key aspects that I like to focus on during the design process are simplicity, user experience and interaction.

I am currently completing my Bachelor in Communication Multimedia Design at the University of Applied Sciences aka Hogeschool van Amsterdam.



Like you, I prefer when products look good. However, I believe design is about more than shapes & colors, I believe it’s how things work & makes people feel. Mostly I'm crafting pixels in Photoshop.


I specialise in solving problems to deliver engaging experiences and build meaningful connections. I work with great clients all over the world to create thoughtful and purposeful products.


I like to go out and shoot pictures with my Nikon DSLR or film awesome shots with my GoPro. Recently I sold a video licence to Saatchi&Saatchi. See a full impression here:


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These are some of the fine folks that enjoyed my stay: MKB Fonds, Rockstart, Recrout, Travel Competition, SignalHill and Saatchi & Saatchi. Want to know more? Do not hesitate to contact me; I am always up for a nice chat.